Patrick Stull, artist/photographer/author has compiled fifteen years of his art into one collection called Encounters. The purpose of the edition is to sources monies for humanistic organizations that improve the lives of children facing hunger and to protect women who encounter violence in their daily lives.

Encounters, your gift for getting involved to stop the violence, is an artistic endeavor of photography, drawings, prose and original art pieces that concentrates on our humanity and the lives of women. The imagery speaks to the power, beauty and strength women possess.

Proceeds are shared with Futures Without Violence creating endowments that continuously spin off money to help women. This concept allows your kindness to never stop giving. If you choose not to purchase the book, we ask you to practice compassion towards those less fortunate, to speak out when you see violence towards women and to spread the word about Encounters asking others to embrace their humanity by purchasing the book.

Monies from the sale of the book go directly to Futures Without Violence, shown on our charity section of our website, for the costs associated with producing and promoting the book and a stipend amount to Stull Studios for current and future artistic content.

It is only through extending ourselves to help others that we discoverĀ our humanity


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