moments of inspiration

Our platform fights violence towards women and children.

We create artistic content and give the proceeds to humanistic organizations that empower women against physical and societal violence. Your purchase of art empowers you too. Thank you for standing with us to stop the violence against women!

Encounters coming May 2018 - pre-order today!


moments of inspiration

What We Do

We protect and nourish women globally.

We use art to empower non-profit organizations. We protect women and children against unspeakable violence. We ask you to purchase the Encounters book to fight back. We couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you for standing up with us for a better world.

By purchasing a book, you help women and children that are facing domestic violence. Proceeds from the book will benefit La Casa de las Madres in San Francisco, the Asian Feminist in Hong Kong, and Mother Miracles in India. These organizations support the empowerment of women globally.

It is only through extending ourselves to help others that we discover our humanity.


La Casa de Las Madres

La Casa de Las Madres in San Francisco responds to calls for help from domestic violence victims of all ages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and hosts an emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence. They help empower survivors with tools to transform their lives.


The Asian Feminist

Yenni is a Hong Kong-based journalist who reports and writes on global happenings for leading publications. She co-runs the online platform, the Asian Feminist, which raises awareness on global women’s violence issues.


Mother Miracles

Mother Miracles is a non-profit dedicated to empowering children from the slums of India to reach their highest potential. They provide University scholarships, job placement assistance, free computer courses for young adults and vocational training for women.


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