This is a platform that uses art to source funds for organizations that actively focus on empowering women that fight against misogyny and the overt and subtle types of violence perpetrated towards them and children. We ask you to purchase the Encounters book to fight back. Proceeds from the sale of the book will fund specific women’s platforms and organizations. It is time for all to say - “enough is enough”. It is only through the concentration of money that we have a voice – money is power. Stand with us and we will transition to a better world.

Encounters visually presents mostly women who willingly demonstrate their power and beauty, while exposing their lives for the world to view. You enter the world of yoga, the female dancer, those that create life, those that encounter the ugliness of breast cancer and rape. There are concepts about our humanity and relationship to nature. We also present unique artistic imagery that transitions you into the world of art – something powerful and different.

Patrick Stull, artist/photographer/author has compiled fifteen years of his art into one collection called Encounters. The purpose of the edition is to sources monies for Futures Without Violence, which is a humanistic organization that protects women and children who encounter violence in their daily lives.

It is only through extending ourselves to help others that we discover our humanity.